Hug Your Cat Day!

Hi everybody! Today is Hug Your Cat Day. It wasn’t much of a challenge for me because I have very cuddly cats, although Toffee sometimes tries to get away, whereas Caramel is always ‘yup, I’m okay with this’!

If you have any photos of you hugging your cat(s) that you’re happy to share, please email me at willbarber @ I’d love to see them and I would post them if you gave me permission (in the email).

You might like this article on How to Hug A Cat Perfectly Every Time. It’s really funny!

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The Queen of Dandelions

Hi! Earlier this evening I brought Toffee, one of our two cats, outside so she could play in the grass because they are indoor cats and don’t get to do that a lot. Caramel, her brother, always tries to scamper off whenever I take him out, so I chose Toffee because she’s a lot easier. It’s just more relaxed and I don’t have to keep a strict eye on her the whole time.

She was sniffing dandelions and sneezed a couple of times, and almost fell over! She got kerfuffled when some tall blades of grass poked her in the face. My mum and I took these photos together while we were outside with Toffee, aka The Dandelion Queen!

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Leaping into spring

Hi! Today we headed down onto our land with Reggie, our lab. Trees and plants have just started to green up and blossom. There was an old dead tree in our woods that needed to come down because it was dangerous being right on the path. So my Dad and I tied a rope around and made a pulley system, wrapping it around some trees to give extra leverage, then we pulled. It fell down and the top of it landed on some branches of another tree, keeping it suspended in the air – even more dangerous than before! So we retied the rope around the base of the tree, which was at an angle. My mum and I pulled on the rope as my Dad kicked the bottom of the tree repeatedly to dislodge it. And then it was down!

It’s still quite wet on the ground, but we are starting to have warmer weather, which is always nice. My Mum brought Reggie back to our pond for him to do some retrieving (my Dad was there tidying up), so I went off with the camera and got some more pictures on the way home.

Happy mother’s day to my mum and all mums out there!

P.S. Hover over the images to see the captions pop up.

P.S. Don’t expect me to post next weekend, because it’s my birthday!!

Entering the next phase for my blog

Hello everybody! Life has been extremely busy and I’m getting ready to start high school this fall. My brother has gone off to college and it’s been a very busy time with some health issues in my family. I’m keen to start blogging again, but in a slightly different way.

One thing I know for sure is that I’m determined to become a vet and work with animals for my career. Continuing to explore and share my thoughts about animals here on my blog seems like a good idea.

Petkid with his dog and one of his cats
Chilling with Reggie and Caramel

Reggie, our black lab, just turned five a few weeks ago. Whenever my brother comes to visit and then returns to college, Reggie goes through a bout of depression for a week or two when he doesn’t want to do anything and he looks sad! The spring weather is finally starting to come around and he’s back to retrieving in the pond.

Toffee and Caramel, our two cats, are two and a half years old. The cats definitely have spring fever and have started climbing the screens on our porch again!

Toffee snoozing

We’ve lost a couple more of our chickens in the past year and we’re planning to get some more this summer. It’s been a couple of years since we had baby chicks.

Tuck, my pet rat, has a new home with a wonderful family who lets him out of his cage multiple times each day to play with him. I realized that I just didn’t have enough time for him and that he needed more attention. We’re really happy that he’s so happy now!

I’m looking forward to blogging more and hearing what you guys would be interested in knowing. Happy spring!

Tuck the Royal Rat

Hello everybody! Sorry I haven’t been able to post at all recently; I’ve been busy with family obligations and school.

We are now in Kingston for an extended working holiday and we are really enjoying ourselves, but I’m missing my pets, so my parents decided that I could get a small pet. I chose a fancy rat, a male that I named Tuck. He is one the cutest things on the planet!

Whenever I’ve finished eating food, he tries to lick my lips, the silly guy! He’s incredibly social, as most fancy rats are, and he is extremely cuddly. He loves spending time out of his cage with me.

He loves to climb up and down the bars and on the roof of his cage, he’s very athletic. You probably want to see some photos!

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Bye! Hope that you enjoyed this short post. I’m going to try to do some more while I’m down here, but don’t be expect them to be very frequent. Have a great summer!

P.S. That silly photobombing Caramel from the past! I tried to delete him, but it wouldn’t work, he just put himself in there! 🙂

Cool research on cat communications through miaows

Hello everybody! There is a new study going on in Sweden (Sveden!) 🙂 about how a cat’s miaow might be affected by the way their owner(s) talk. Here is a link to the great article about it on The Guardian website.

Watch the great video that shows how cats miaow for different reasons and what that sounds like!

Cat got your tongue? Study to examine if pets adopt owner’s accent

An early spring walk

Hello everbody! Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve had a broken collarbone. I broke it almost two weeks ago and I’ve been stuck not being able to do much physical stuff.

Yesterday it was plus 11 degrees celsius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The warmest day we’ve had in a long time! My collarbone is almost healed, so I decided to go on my first walk in a while with my family (without my brother 😦 ). Our chickens were outside having the time of their lives in the little wood behind our house. They went the farthest they have ever gone from their coop. They were down by our stream, which you can’t even see from our house through the trees. They had a blast!

After that, we walked down to where the stream passes near our neighbours. Reggie had fun jumping over the stream and eating biscuits out of the water. We went to our pond – the path to the pond was flooded because of all the melting snow and the rain. Reggie had fun splashing around. We took some nice photos together on our little bridge, and then we went into the woods where we saw some cool fungi growing on the sides of small trees.

When we got to the stream where there used to be a small bridge that I had made out of logs, it was gone!! And all to show that it was once there was one log wedged in the stream, part way down. 😦 😦 😦 Guess I’ll have to rebuilt it better! Reggie had fun jumping over that stream as well. He’s so fast that he’s blurry in the pictures. Then we walked the rest of the way home.

My mum took most of the photos here, she’s awesome!

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